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Baby Girl Delivered At RUSA Headquarters: Verulam - KZN

  • Reaction Unit South Africa
  • 26 Feb 2021
A 3.0 kg baby girl was delivered at Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) Headquarters in Verulam after her mother went into labor whilst in a taxi a short while ago.

The fulled loaded Toyota Quantum arrived at approximately 14:13 (Thursday). The driver requested assistance for a 25 year old passenger whom he was transporting to hospital.

RUSA Medics transferred the female into an ambulance where they delivered a healthy baby girl minutes later. According to the mother, she was eight months pregnant and began experiencing contractions while at her Blackburn, Mt Edgecombe residence earlier today.

She utilized public transport and was attempting to get to hospital when she went into labor, forcing the driver to re-route for immediate medical assistance.